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The Solution
The Invisible Ventilation
​Neat Solution

The system is only 4-6 cm thick and flat like most structural elements of a building.  It can therefore be hung inconspicuously in plain view, on a wall or on a ceiling, or even made invisible if integrated into a wall or a ceiling.There is no need to conceal this subtle design from sight with suspended ceiling.  The available indoor space increases for the inhabitant, making the Breather ideal for most existing apartment buildings.


Modular Solution
All parts are easily replaceable, upgradable and allow easy access for maintenance.
Numerous future apps that can be added include a heater module, a cooler module and a humidifier module.​


Window Solution
The window solution makes most of the Breather’s flat  design and high capacity, giving the window frame an  additional function.
Most indoor air quality problems occur around windows, therefore a window solution requires minimum effort, and provides the best comfort for inhabitants.  
For a price similar to having a window with a movable sash, a complete ventilation system, with heat recovery and climate control can be provided.


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