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The Technology

Breather ventilation technology was originally developed by IDL Motors, a company that specializes in designing extremely powerful coolers for computers or servers, where maximum performance is required in a limited space.
IDL motors approach has been to maximize the performance through integrating the design of the motor, blower, heat pipe and heat sink in single harmonized unit where no space is wasted.
This integrated motor-blower technology gives us powerful competitive advantage over current ventilation solutions in performance and size.
The Printed Motor

We built of a new type of very efficient motor, using a stator printed on a PCB board, using a patented overlapping coil trick that four-folds the force acting between the motor stator and rotor. 
The Countercurrent Blower

For our new solution we developed a new type of blower.  The countercurrent blower, which consists of two cross flow blowers with a common motor, that blow air in two directions simultaneously. 
The Ventilation Solution of the Future
The Thinbreeze Wall

The 5 cm thick HRV that fits inside any wall.  Flat blower draws in 2x30cfm. Heat exchanger recovers 80% of the heat, and can be replaced with energy recovery unit if needed.  Flexible ducts reach anywhere for optimal air distribution.  Filters can be of any size, and as efficient as needed.
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