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The Team

Breather Ventilation was established in 2010 around developing our new ventilation concept and technology.  We have formed a partnership with IDL motors, based on technology development. 
Jóhannes Loftsson
Founder of Breather Ventilation and the developer of the Breather ventilation concept.
He's a chemical and civil engineer and through his work for one of Iceland´s largest building consultants (Verkís), he is experienced in research work, project management and building design.


Edward Lopatinsky
Specialist in the design of the compact ventilation module.
Also CEO of IDL motors.  His company IDL motors specializes in developing compact integrated motor- blower/motor coolers and associated self contained heat transfer units, and licensing it to manufacturers.
Other Project Members:


Dan Schafer, Electrical Engineer at IDL motors, USA

Greipur G. Sigurðsson, Electrical Engineer, Iceland

Stefán Hjalti Helgason, Civil Engineer, Iceland

Current Strategic Partners
The following have sponsered our effort: 
Looking For New Strategic Partners

We're a new company with a unique ventilation product that has the potential to expand the current market.


We want  promote our product and want to ensure fast track the market, and are therefore keen on making partnerships with potential strategic allies.


The key enterprises which may benefit from working with us are:


  • Ventilation system producers looking to reach an expanded market.

  • Window frame producers looking to integrate a powerful heat recovery ventilation in their product line.

  • Investors interested in our project.


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