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PCT patent application published

Jóhannes Loftsson, October 2017


A main Patent for our new system has been published on EPO website. The international searching authority findings were very positive, and  in their opinion all 30 claims to be valid in regards to novelty, inventive step and industrial applicability.  


Abstract:  A compact countercurrent heat recovery ventilation system includes an air module assembly and heat exchanger assembly. Air module assembly made from front and back panels connected by two side panels, base plate fixed with the side panels and placed parallel between side panels and a double side radial impeller with a shaft, an electric drive form two hydraulically isolated flow canals with inlet and outlet openings. The heat exchanger assembly comprises a heat-exchanger that could be done as changeable flow side heat-exchanger made as folded corrugated fins or plates, thus each of the both flow passages split in plurality separate flow channels. Every other channel is sealed to flow from flow same direction forcing the flow to be in opposite direction in all adjacent cannels. This forms two hydraulically isolated flow passages with intake and outtake openings connected respectively with outlet and inlet openings of the air blower assembly. This is useful for systems that are mounted inside of the wall or ceiling and can constitute a part of room decor.

Breather Ventilation: Open investor presentation in Reykjavík 

Jóhannes Loftsson, May 2017


We'll be having a investor presentation at 15:00 on May 24th at Verkís Headquarters, Ofanleyti 2, Reykjavík. The presentation is open to everyone.

Breather Ventilation at the Amazing Home Show in Reykjavik 

Jóhannes Loftsson, May 2017


Prior to our funding round presentation next week we will be showing our system in a conference in Laugardalshöll.

We invite anyone interested in coming and visiting us in booth A10. 

Breather Ventilation at ISH 

Jóhannes Loftsson, March 2017


Thanks for visiting us at the ISH.  Hope to see you again soon.

Breather Ventilation exhibiting at AHR-EXPO 

Jóhannes Loftsson, Nov 2016

On Jan 30 - Feb 1, 2017, we will be ðresenting the Breather solution at the AHR EXPO in Las Vegas.   This is a  leading tradeshow in the industry and the world largest HVACR marketplace, with more that 2000 exhibitors attracting more than 60.000 industry professionals.  Anyone interested in our new technology is welcome to visit us in hall N8401.  

Breather Ventilation exhibiting at ISH 

Jóhannes Loftsson, Nov 2016

In March 14-18, 2017, we will be showing the Breather solution at ISH in Frankfurt.   This is a  leading tradeshow in the industry, with almost 2500 exhibitors and 200.000 visitors.  Anyone interested in our new technology is welcome to visit us in hall 11.1 stand no. A47.  

Breather Ventilation receives a research grant

Jóhannes Loftsson, July 1 2016

Breather Ventilation has received a research grant from Rannís.  The grant will be used to fund product development for the next two years.

Premier of Breather technology at Nordbygg in Stockholm

Jóhannes Loftsson, April 5-9 2016


This was the Breather debut at a trade show.  Thanks to everyone who visited us and we hope to see you soon on our next show.


Premier of Breather technology at "The Engineer Day" in Iceland

Jóhannes Loftsson, April 1 2016


This is the first public event where we show our Breather ventilation technology.


Breather Ventilation presented at Iceland Geothermal event

Jóhannes Loftsson, March 12 2015


On Friday March 13th, I will be giving a short presentation of our project at a Iceland Geothermal.  The event will take place at 15:00 in room M104 at Reykjavík University.


Breather Ventilation in Morgunblaðið (In icelandic)

Jóhannes Loftsson, February 19 2015


Just gave a short interview in Morgunblaðið about the Breather

Breather Ventilation receives a research grant

Jóhannes Loftsson, December 18 2014


Breather Ventilation just received a research grant from Rannís.  The grant will be used to finalize the building of a showcase prototype and presenting it to a major tradeshow.

The Breather presented for Samál, 2014-11-18

Jóhannes Loftsson, November 2014


Just gave a short presentation of the Breather technology for the Icelandic Association of Aluminum Producers, Samál.  Use of our patented system integrated in a window frame could give window frame or building facade manufacturer, a unique market advantage.

Update on our product development work

Jóhannes Loftsson, October 24, 2014


The preparation phase of the blower module of the showcase prototype which will be presented at an exhibit next year is mostly finished, and work on the actual prototype about to begin.  The development work has been very successful and resulted in several design improvement from the earlier POC prototype.  The new design is more compact, more quiet, and with improved efficiency.  These improvements have also made the prototype more suitable for our patented ultra thin motor technology with motor parts printed on a PCB board. 

Breather Ventilation receives a grant from "Campaign for job creation"

Jóhannes Loftsson, June 6, 2014


Breather Ventilation has just received a grant today from "Átak til atvinnusköpunar" (Campaign for job creation) for the total amount of 13,200 USD.  This is a major step as this will allow us to get our prototype to a major trade show.


Breather Ventilation awarded Islandsbanki innovation grant

Jóhannes Loftsson, March 27, 2014


Breather Ventilation just received confirmation that it will be awarded innovation grant of 17,650 USD from Íslandsbanki.  This is a major recognition and will ensure that we can begin working on next development step, which is the test prototype.

Breather Ventilation on Scandinavian Investment Network

Jóhannes Loftsson, March  2014


At this first round we need to secure funding of $100.000 for finalizing development of a test prototype that complies with all requirements.  In two years, at the 2nd round of funding the ROI based on company valuation is projected to have 15 folded. 

CTO of Breather Ventilation publishes a article in DesignNews

Jóhannes Loftsson, February 17  2014


Edward Lopatinsky, CTO of Breather Ventilation, (and CEO of IDL Motors) just published an article in DesignNews on IDLmotors integrated motor technology and how it may be used to increase coolers' efficiency.  The Breather solution is based on this technology.





 The Breather on ÍNN TV (with subtitles)

Jóhannes Loftsson, November  2013


The ÍNN TV interviewed me on their show Enterpreneurs "Frumkvöðlar" on Nov 18th.  The interview is 24 minute long and gives a good overview over the project. 



CEO of Breather Ventilation at the NES-conference

Jóhannes Loftsson, August 13, 2013


I just gave a presentation at the NES conference (Nordic Ergonomics & Human Factors Society) at Grand Hotel, Reykjavík.   The topic was a new air purification method, which I've been developing for HSorka through the work at VERKÍS.  

Even though this project is not directly related to our Breather solution, it is still quite interesting as we are developing a new method where lava is used to clean the ventilaton air.   For further information read the abstract.

 Breather presented for Vistbyggðarráð and a radio interview 2013-10-31

Jóhannes Loftsson, November  2013


Just gave a presentation on the Breather solution for Vistbyggðarráð.  Following the presentation I gave a short interview with Rás 1, radiostation, which then aired in Sjonmal on Novemver 1.  It also made it as a news on RÚV news home page (my interivew starts at minute 5:20)



Breather Ventilation awarded research grant

Jóhannes Loftsson, July 9, 2013


Breather Ventilation was today awarded the 2013, Icelandic Energy Fund grant.

Construction of first integrated blower motor unit finalized in San Diego

Jóhannes Loftsson, June 2013


We just reached a major milestone.  During April, May and June we've been finalizing the first integrated breather blower unit at IDL motors workshop in San Diego.  The work also included testing blowers according to standard.  At 1150 RPM the blowers are delivering 65 and 75 cfm at 50 Pa pressure, which is the target Heat Exchanger pressure drop.

For more information see the test results linked.

Article about indoor air quality published in Gangverk (in Icelandic)

Jóhannes Loftsson, May 2013


I published an article about the hidden cost of low indoor air quality, in Verkís Newsletter, Gangverk.  Many other interesting articles, which indirectly relate to the importance of indoor air quality can also be found in this edition.  Including, article by Högni Hróarsson, about the importance of providing adequate ventilation in the bedroom, and an article by Dóra Hjálmarssdóttir about the work environment and how factors like indoor air quality affect workers.  Also there is and article about energy efficiency of buildings, by Steinar Ríkharðsson, a subject in which the heat recovery ventilation function of the Breather may play a vital role.

Testing of heat exchangers finalized

January 2012


Important final step before building the Breather prototype reached.  Preliminary tests of the heat exchanger prototype had an impressive 80% heat recovery using only 50 Pa at 2,8 m/s.  This performance exceeds our initial requirements, and we are therefore in good shape and ready to proceed with building the fully integrated Breather heat recovery ventilation system prototype.

Inteview in Morgunblaðið (in Icelandic)

October 2010

Gave an inteview in "Morgunblaðið",  an Icelandic Newspaper, about the Breather.

Article about Breather in Gangverk (in Icelandic)

​May 2010

Article about the breather in May edition of Verkís Newsletter, Gangverk.

Breather Ventilation - awarded Seed of the year (in Icelandic)
January 2010

Breather Ventilation (Andblær) wins Reykjavík University innovation award.  "Seed of the year 2010".



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