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PCT patent application published

A main Patent for our new system has been published on EPO website. The international searching authority findings were very positive, and in their opinion all 30 claims to be valid in regards to novelty, inventive step and industrial applicability.


Abstract: A compact countercurrent heat recovery ventilation system includes an air module assembly and heat exchanger assembly. Air module assembly made from front and back panels connected by two side panels, base plate fixed with the side panels and placed parallel between side panels and a double side radial impeller with a shaft, an electric drive form two hydraulically isolated flow canals with inlet and outlet openings. The heat exchanger assembly comprises a heat-exchanger that could be done as changeable flow side heat-exchanger made as folded corrugated fins or plates, thus each of the both flow passages split in plurality separate flow channels. Every other channel is sealed to flow from flow same direction forcing the flow to be in opposite direction in all adjacent cannels. This forms two hydraulically isolated flow passages with intake and outtake openings connected respectively with outlet and inlet openings of the air blower assembly. This is useful for systems that are mounted inside of the wall or ceiling and can constitute a part of room decor.

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