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There must be something better than this

As most buildings are older, the renovation market is one of the most important market for ventilation.  Current ventilation solutions are imperfect and often not suitable for renovation projects.

Ventilation systems are usually centralized, with one central unit supplying and extracting air from the whole building, through ducting network.  These systems do have several disadvantages.

  • They are expensive.  The systems are expensive and the indirect hidden building costs are high (see pie chart).

  • They are bulky, and take up lot of building space.

  • They are complicated.


Numerous decentralized ventilation solutions exist. Common limitations of such systems are:  

  • They are expensive.  Each room may need a separate unit, and installation is costly,  especially for a bulky solution that needs to be hidden away.  This lengthens  the payback time and thus reduces  feasibility.

  • Limited performance.  Small blowers usually have worse performance, making them more wind sensitive, and less equiped to handle pressure drop required for the air cleaning and heat recovery tasks. This makes them less suited for multistorey urban appartment buildings.


The optimum solution needs to combine low cost, great performance and neat design.  The breather is a new decentralized and/or semi-decentralized unit that can do just that. 

We need better ventilation solutions for renovating existing buildings


Total cost:  330 $/sqm

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