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New dawn for ventilation


Low cost flat solution that fits everywhere

Depending of pricing strategy, the Breather can easily become the most economical solution on the market due to:

  • Low production cost, as the design is simple and compact.

  • Low installation cost, as the installation is very simple.

  • Does not take away any valuable space.


Powerful blowers ensure maximum functionality

  • Powerful blower can draw air through multiple air quality units.

  • Performance not sensitive to outside wind conditions.

  • Ceiling breather can be expanded to become semi-centralized system, thus reaching any internal space.


Simple design with greater flexibility than any other ventilation on the market

  • Flat design allows almost unlimited volume for each air handling unit, as long as they are flat. 

  • Modular design allows for adding numerous air quality units, such as heat exchanger, humidifier, filter, heater or cooler.

  • Each room can have the ventilation tailored to the need:  Bathroom Breather that effectively removes humidity, especially quiet Bedroom Breather, etc. 

The Breather -The air quality solution of the future


As the awareness of the importance of indoor air quality continues to grow, so will expectations and soon it will no longer be acceptable to have buildings with a substandard indoor air quality.  All new buildings and most of existing buildings will need to be improved.


The search is therefore on for a good air quality solution.


The Breather is uniquely fitted to become the leading indoor air quality solution due to low cost, great functionally and flexibility of use.



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