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Payback through energy savings

The Breather saves energy by recovering the energy in the exhaust air, removing indoor temperature fluctuations and reducing the load on radiators.

The cost savings are usually sufficient to pay for the unit itself in a relatively short time. The payback time depends on the location and the local energy price . 



It doesn't feel so cold any more
The trend towards more energy efficient buildings


As buildings account for about 40% of the total energy consumption in many OECD countries, great effort has gone towards making them more energy efficient.   Heat recovery ventilation is one of the methods.  Several of the other energy efficiency improvements result in a more airtight building envelope.  This makes effective ventilation even more essential, if the indoor air quality is not to suffer.  Existing ventilation solutions are however often bulky and not suitable for renovation projects, where valuable space is often limited.  


The Breather is a unique new ventilation solution, especially suitable for renovation projects.

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