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Heating has never been cheaper


Low cost and high value

Depending of pricing strategy, the Breather can easily become the most economical solution on the marked due to:

  • Low production cost, as the design is simple and compact.

  • Low installation cost, as the installation is very simple.

  • Great functionality as each ceiling unit can be upgraded to semi-centralized system for added benefits.


High energy saving performance

The Breather uses multiple means to save energy:

  • High performance heat exchanger with 80% heat recovery.

  • Indoor temperature fluctuations disappear. 

  • Ceiling Breather reuses the excess heat near the ceiling for free.

  • Heat loss through windows is reduced as all excess humidity is removed.

  • Heat loss through walls is reduced as the radiators can run at lower temperature.  If the breather heater module is added, the radiators may become unnecessary.


Low running cost

Energy use and maintenance cost may be kept at minimum.

  • The Breather system is decentralized and the unit in each room may be run based on it occupancy.  This reduces the energy consumption considerably.

  • With less usage, the filters last longer and the maintenance cost is lower.

  • Using specialized units for each room (like bathroom breather), make them more reliable and lower maintenance cost.

The Breather:  Potentially the Best Energy Saving Solution on the Market
Ceiling unit placed above window
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