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The Energy Waste of Ventilation

All buildings need to ventilate.  The simplest method is to just to open a window.


This can be costly as we loose all the heating energy in the indoor air we vent out.


To make up for the heat loss, large oversized heaters are usually placed below each window.  These heaters are inefficient and require high temperatures, typically 60°C, which increases the heat loss through the wall behind the heater considerably.


It is also almost impossible task to have full control over the indoor temperature while manually opening and closing a window, while turning up and down the heater.  As a consequence we often end up over ventilating the room followed by overheating, thus increasing the energy loss even further.


Most of the time natural ventilation isn't working properly, and the indoor humidity starts to rise.  During cold weather, droplets start to condensate on the inside of the window glass, which increases the heat loss.


By installing a Breather unit the room, this heat loss can be reduced considerably, resulting in cost savings that usually pay for the unit in only few years.  (See the Breather Energy savings)

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